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Independent Physician Association (IPA) Services

Independent Physician Association (IPAs) are dedicated to providing quality and value in health care and serve as an extension of each individual member’s office.

CHIA DEX Ventures manages the full spectrum of IPA services, including managed care contracting, practice enhancements, and education for our members. SHIP provides clients with an opportunity to maintain their independence while securing their current and future patients through an organization that is solely governed by physicians.

CHIA DEX Ventures provides a full management and oversight to clients of all types, including but not limited to:

  • Statewide IPAs
  • Regional IPAs
  • City-Specific IPAs
  • Single-Specialty
  • Multi-Specialty Groups

Managed Care Contracting

  • National, statewide and direct network contracts, including both commercial and governmental payors
  • Fee-for-service and incentive-based contracting
  • Managed Care Market Analysis for service areas
  • Contract Language Review
  • Delegated Credentialing – IPA credentials once on behalf of all managed care contracts

Practice Enhancements

Development and management of purchasing programs that demonstrate savings for members, including but not limited to malpractice insurance, clinical supplies, office supplies and reference laboratory services.


CHIA DEX Ventures believes that in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market, our provision of accurate and unbiased updates about healthcare legislation and market trends to our clients is an invaluable service in maintaining viable healthcare practices.

In support of these services, CHIA DEX Ventures also provides critical support to each IPA members practice, including individual practice fee analysis, claims research and resolution, network meetings and education.

CHIA DEX Ventures additionally works with the designated legal counsel of our IPA members to ensure that all activities meet regulatory guidelines, including those of the FTC.

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