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Occupational Health & Safety

CHIA DEX Ventures is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive occupational safety and health services to a wide range of customers. We assist clients in the private and public sectors and have built a reputation of excellence and prompt response to occupational safety and health compliance and risk control needs.

We provide training and consulting services on a local and national level to organizations, businesses, general industries, construction companies and government agencies.

Our full range of occupational safety and health services includes:

  • Safety and Health Management Plan updates and development
  • Industrial Hygiene assessments, research and monitoring
  • Safety Policy and procedure development
  • Site-Specific Safety Plans/Accident Prevention Plans
  • Annual Safety Training Plan and Calendar
  • Review of Safety Documentation including OSHA 300 logs and incident reports
  • Classroom safety training including OSHA 10/30- hour Outreach programs
  • Third-Party Site Safety Audits

  • Industrial hygiene sampling
  • OSHA compliance assistance
  • Safety committee and team development
  • Full-time Safety Managers
  • Full-time Site Safety & Health Officers (SSO and SSHO)
  • Accident investigations
  • Safety Culture Assessment
  • Safety Culture Training

Occupational Health & Safety Services

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