Scrum is by far the most popular Agile approach. Indeed the terms Scrum and Agile are often used interchangeably and many people are not even aware that there are alternatives to Scrum. Scrum is very simple in its structure and very focused in its scope.

The CHIA DEX approach focuses not only on effective application of Scrum itself, but also integration with essential technical and management practices that it doesn’t cover. These essential technical practices include techniques such as continuous integration, refactoring, test automation and test driven development. Essential management practices include governance, architecture, programme and DevOps portfolio management.

CHIA DEX Scrum capabilities and experience can make certain of the alignment of work and the project’s objectives and outcome. The Scrum Master will establish delivery disciplines to coach, remove barriers to complete work, proactive project delivery corrections & improvements, enable and empower teams to focus on execution, collaboration and achieve the projects expected outcome.


The Scrum Master Execution will provide the following effective day-to-day project performance:

  • Leadership, facilitation, coaching and problem solving
  • Establish Scrum framework/cycle (i.e. Scrum Planning, Daily Scrum, Story Time/Sprint Review and Retrospective)

  • Establish Scrum artifacts (i.e. Task Board, Sprint Backlog, Burn Chart, etc.)
    Proactively correct project delivery deficiencies
  • Establish feedback loops to establish lessons-learned (i.e. building teams, building product and continuous delivery improvement)


Improve your project Team and project delivery performance – The Scrum Master Execution provides critical framework/cycle, focused execution and lessons learned to ensure your project’s outcome by concentrating on:

  • Proactive Scrum planning and delivery efforts
    • Facilitate
    • Coach
    • Communicate
    • Team Building
    • Scrum framework/cycle execution
    • Transparency
  • Improved project Team’s delivery capabilities and focus on results
  • Proactive delivery improvements to mitigate project deficiencies
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